Transport Systems

Transport Solutions

Matco also develops and produces automated roller, chain and belt conveyors systems. The Matco stretch wrappers can be integrated in a complete logistical solution. Matco can develop and produce the entire integrated solution, our customers therefore don’t need to act as an intermediate between suppliers of various logistical components. An optimal integration between systems is achieved as Matco develops both conveyor and pallet wrapping systems in-house.

Matco chain-driven roller conveyors

A chain-driven roller conveyor, also called a pallet conveyor, is the most robust type of chain conveyor.

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Matco rotating table

For pallet transport, a rotating table is used when the transport direction of a pallet needs to be changed.

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Matco lowered roller conveyor

Matco has special designs for roller conveyors with a low transport height.

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Matco chain conveyor

The chain conveyor is used for transporting pallets and general cargo.

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Matco pallet dispenser

The Matco pallet dispenser returns empty pallets to a transport system, using a perpendicular transfer system, the pallets can be placed on a conveyor.

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Matco Traverse Car

The Matco Traverse Car can be used when a larger distance needs to be covered, and when no pallets or general cargo needs to be buffered over that distance.

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Matco perpendicular transfer unit

With the Matco perpendicular transfer unit, goods are transported transversely on a roller conveyor, without requiring a rotating table.

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Matco Centring Units

The centring unit serves to position general cargo, such as boxes or crates, in the centre of a roller conveyor.

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