ALC-45 TWDkopie


The Matco TSD is an automatic dust proof top sheet dispenser. During transport of the pallet a top sheet is rolled off and placed on the pallet. The length of the film in front of and behind the pallet is adjustable via the touch screen. The top sheet film is placed before wrapping. This ensures that the pallet is sealed dust-tight. The carriage is fitted with double suspension with fall protection. Every TSD is standard equipped with a special antistatic system that makes use of ionisation rods. The top sheet dispenser can be brought to a position just above the roller conveyor level. Quick and simple roll replacement is possible, in part, because the film roll lies on two rollers with no shaft through the middle. The main frame consists of two robust columns, which are constructed from tubular profiles with robust folded plate 6 mm thick.

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Matco TSD