ALC-45 TWDkopie


The Matco ALC33 TWD is a fully automatic rotary arm wrapper, with an integrated top sheet dispenser. This ensures that the pallet is sealed dust free and/or watertight. The machine has a high capacity of 55 pallets per hour. This all-rounder is the perfect solution for your packaging process. The machine is easy to set up through a touch panel, and you can enter up to ten different wrapping programs. This means you are not limited to just one type of pallet load. The machine is built with top-tier components, so it requires very little maintenance and provides the quality for which Matco is known.

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Rotary arm speed:33 rpm
Max. wrapping height:2400 mm
Max. load:depending on transport system
Max. pallet:1200 x 1200 mm
capacity:up to 55 pallets per hour
carriage speed:Frequency controlled
Powered pre-stretched(standard 250 %)
Power:3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / N + PE
10 Wrapping programs
Roller conveyor height:
from 80 mm