B100 base MATCO


The Matco B400 series is specially designed to a variety of loads in middle to high capacity production facilities. With its load capacity of 2000 kg and wrapping height of 2500 mm the Matco B200 wrappers perform in almost every situation. Due to the powered pre-stretch, this series is capable to reduce stretch-film consumption to the minimum, which is a benefit for our environment. The control is reduced to the minimum to anticipate on international needs and different ‘operator’ levels.

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B200 Eco MATCO
Besturing T7 eco
Foliewagen T7

Turntable ø:
1650 mm
Turntable speed:
3 - 12 rpm
Max. load:
2000 kg
Max. wrapping height:
2500 mm
Max. pallet:1200 x 1200 mm
Carriage speed:
inverter driven
Powered pre-stretch
up to 30 p/h
Power:230 V + PE
675 kg