B100 base MATCO

A900 AW

The Matco A900 auto-wrapper comes with a powered prestretch system and a cut & clamp unit. The machine has the ability to set up five wrapping programs, which makes the wrapper exceptionally suitable for winding different types of pallet loads. This machine is also ideal for stabilising fragile yet extremely heavy loads, because the rotary arm turns around the pallet. The A900 auto-wrapper is equipped with an analogue sensor with angle compensation control, which minimises your film consumption. Moreover, the machine has a capacity of 30 pallets per hour.

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A-900AW copy
Turntable speed:
3 - 12 rpm
Max. wrapping height:
2400 mm
Max. pallet:1200 x 1200 mm
up to 30 pallets per hour
Carriage speed:
inverter driven
Powered pre-stretch
(standard 200 %)
5 Wrapping programs
Power:230 V / 50 Hz / N + PE
1200 kg