MWS Robot

MWS Robot

The MWS robot is an ultra-flexible wrapper.

The MWS robot is mobile and enables you to foil wrap pallets in different locations quickly and easily. It was specially designed for users who wish to wrap a wide variety of large pallets.

The robot is equipped with a battery, with which it can wrap up to ca. 150 pallets before recharging. It is also fitted with a pre-stretch unit that cuts down the amount of foil used.

This machine is also available with a mechanical foil brake.

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MWS Robot
Max. wrapping height:
2200 mm
Min. pallet dimensions:600 x 600 mm
Running speed:93 meter per minute
ca. 150 pallets with fully charged battery, up to ca. 20 pallets per hour
Powered pre-stretch
(150 - 200 - 250%)
Mechanical film brake
Charging time:ca. 8 - 10 hours
Supply Voltage230 V / 50-60 Hz / N + PE
325 kg