With our WRC scheme, you can rent a wrapper for a pre-agreed period. The rental periods can be scaled up (or down) flexibly and the number of wrappers can also be expanded. In this way, your fleet of machinery will always be the right size.

WRC 1212 months
WRC 2424 months
WRC 3636 months
WRC Short1-6 months rental

Request order or call+31 (0)85 049 4960
Draaitafel1650 mm
Draaitafel snelheid3 tot 12 tpm
Maximaal belastbaar gewicht2000 kg
Max. pallet1200 x 1200 mm
Foliewagen snelheidfrequentiegeregeld
Voorrek/folieremMechanisch folierem
Capaciteittot 30 pallets per uur
Voedingsspanning230 V + PE
SPP TLS stickerkleur DEF